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Eazitrack Systems
Bespoke Software Development and Automotive Software Application systems.

The 'EaziTrack Systems' team have been developing bespoke software and automotive software applications for over ten years. During that time there have been many advances in both hardware and software technology, and the functionality required of a custom software application is often complex while the need for it to be user friendly is paramount.
Our own range of software products are subject to these same demands and have been developed to meet the needs of clients to address the shortcomings of many Dealer Management Systems in the Automotive industry. These Dealer Management Systems often provide great functionality from an integrated accounting point of view but all too often loose sight of the fact that ordinary people are required to operate them on a daily basis. The personnel at the the sharp end, facing your customers, need to have up-to-date information at their finger tips to carry out their duties in the fast and efficient manner that the customer expects.

The art of software application development is the ability to marry all of these factors and deliver a robust solution whether bespoke or off-the-shelf, and must therefore take account of 4 factors that have remained at the top of everyone's list when it comes to choosing an IT solution.

• Relevance & Functionality
• Ease of use
• Cost effectiveness
• Solution lifespan

These four criteria directly translate to the following questions:

• What will it do for me and my business?
• How much training will be needed and how quickly can it be up and running?
• What will it cost?
• How long before we need to replace or update it?

These questions are, and should be the driving force behind any decision to implement or upgrade a new system or procedure, and if there's one thing that sets us apart from our competitors it's that our primary task is to help you answer them.

We don't just build software, our job is to design and develop a solution to your problems and/or requirements. The software simply represents the most efficient platform on which the solution is delivered.
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